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Isaacs #4 Update – January 17 Arrival

Well, it’s official.  Unless he decides to come earlier on his own, we will be going to the hospital on January 17 to induce labor and meet our new son.

We’re really excited.  My parents are coming to town.  My 2 year old daughter talks about the baby all the time, even though I don’t think she has any idea what’s about to happen.  She, all of a sudden, likes to play with the toys that were once hers and will now be his.  I think she’ll be a good little helper.

I will post an update here once he is born, and hopefully be able to show a couple pictures as well.

Update: By Isaacs #4, I don’t mean child #4.  It’s child #2.  That plus my wife and myself makes 4.  Just in case anyone out there thinks I’m crazy enough to have four kids, I wanted to set the record straight.  🙂


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    Why do you think having four kids is crazy? The more the merrier man. Go for it. 😉

    Especially in this time of economy, having four kids can get you incredible tax breaks (deductions, child tax break, FSA for childcare, medicals etc) and unless you love uncle Sam more than Charlie and #2, it is my sincere suggestion that you should go for #4. LOL. It ain’t crazy at all. All you would need is a Honda Odyssy.

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