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Month: May 2006

Update: Comment Spam

I mentioned before that I was getting a lot of comment spam, so I turned on comment moderation.  Well, yesterday and today I received around 100 comment spam.  Since they are moderated, they don’t show up, but it’s still a pain.

So I finally looked into some other options, namely ReverseDOS.  If this works well, the I’ll remove the moderation entirely.  Does anyone have any experience with this tool?  Maybe some customized filters that work really well?

I Felt The Baby Move!!!!!!

I felt the baby move this morning!  It was the first time for me, although Kelly has been able to feel it for a while.  I had tried before when she said the baby was active, but never with any luck.  I was about to give up again this morning when I finally felt it.  [:D]

You know how sometimes when you press your fingers against something you can feel your pulse in your fingertips?  It felt a lot like that, only stronger, and it didn’t happen ~60 times per minute like I could feel it in my other fingers.  I felt her kick with the ring finger of my right hand.  (I’m sure no one cares about that detail, but I wanted to write it down for my own benefit.)

That was really cool.  As far as I can remember it is the first time I’ve ever felt any baby kick at all.  In two weeks this may be old-hat, but it was pretty exciting for me this time.


Comment Moderation

Well, for now I have turned on moderation for comments posted to this blog.  The last couple weeks I’ve been getting a lot more comment SPAM, so until I take the time to find another alternative, this will be in place.

Of course, I don’t get that many comments anyway, so if you do leave a comment it shouldn’t take me very long to approve it so it gets posted.  Also, you can get around the moderation by creating an account on this site.  Comments from authenticated users aren’t moderated.

Can’t Install Expression Web Designer CTP

So I downloaded the new Expression Web Designer CTP today on my work computer (new Dell, XP Pro SP2, 3+GHz PentD, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD), but can’t seem to install it.  I get the EULA prompt, then the status bar starts.  It makes it about 90% across then I get a dialog box that says “The installation of this package failed.”

I don’t see anything in the event logs either.  Anyone have any ideas?  I’ll try on my home computer later.

Obviously I’m missing something but don’t know what.


LINQ.  Rhymes with Pink.  Maybe my next post will be titled “Think”… [:)]

Based in part on Sean‘s presentation last night, I finally looked at LINQ today for the first time.  As it turns out the latest CTP seems to have been made available for download today.

I’ve looked at it for all of 10 minutes so far, but it looks pretty cool.  I’m a little “behind” on the “future” technology, so I have no idea how performance compares, but it looks like productivity will increase.


Didn’t know for sure before, but we found out today.  It’s pink.  [:D]

BTW, today is our wedding anniversary.  It is our cinco-th anniversary this Cinco de Mayo.

(Love you, Kelly!)

Google Really *IS* Evil

Regardless of what you’ve heard or read, Google is evil. Here is proof.


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