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Month: April 2007

New Google Logo

So it looks like Google is now using a new logo on their “ig” start page, rebranding it as “iGoogle”.  I saw the logo when I got online tonight, and then a quick search led me to this (more).

Personally, I think this is a pretty lame name.  I thought Apple was the only one still prepending words with the letter “i” to create a brand.  That’s so 1999.  [;)]

Regardless of the name, it’s still my home page.

Definately Check This Out

http://www.d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y.com/ (via Seth)

BTW, it was very painful for me to type “definately” in the title.  I hope you can appreciate the humor.  [;)]


Today, a co-worker mentioned that he was going to get a haircut tonight after work.  I mentioned that I normally go about 2 months between cuts.  Considering that I have short hair, he thought that was a long time so I explained my thought process.

Week 4 (since my last haircut): I start thinking, “It’s about time to get a haircut.”

Week 5: “Hmmm, it’s about time to get a haircut.”

Week 6-7: “I really need a haircut.”

Week 8: I try to make an appointment, but can’t get one thats convenient.

Week 9: I finally go out of my way and just get it taken care of.

Week 10: “My hair is too short.”

New RSS Feed Address

If you subscribe to my feed in RSS, you may be interested to know that the address has change to http://feeds.feedburner.com/tapmymind.  From what I can tell, if your RSS reader supports redirects (which I imagine most do these days), you shouldn’t have to change anything.  If not, however, you will need to switch to the new address.

I decided to try FeedBurner because they offer various statistics that might not otherwise be available.  Plus, all the cool kids are doing it.  [:)]

Community Server 2007 and Windows Live Writer

So I just upgraded to Community Server 2007 today, and I’ve been using Windows Live Writer for my last couple posts.  This is my first test of the two in combination. 

One thing to note, in WLW I tried to update the style of my blog, but it failed for some reason.  I may look into it later, but in all reality it’s not that important for me to see my posts in the same exact layout as they will appear after publishing.  Also, I still want to update the skin from the default one being used, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to that.

One gripe I having about using WLW is that adding categories (tags), while easy enough to do, is obscure enough to make it easy to forget.  It’s not really obscure, just not front and center.  Oh, well.  I imagine it will just take a little time to get used to it.

Update: For some reason, after I restarted WLW a few times, the “Update Weblog Style” function began working.  Also, be sure to remember (like I didn’t) that by default CS removes the www from your URL, and that was causing problems with WLW finding the MetaBlog API (since I had changed that on my previous CS install and hadn’t changed it again on the new version).

Cool Stuff

Some cool things I found stumbling around the web.

dmf – Some cool chime-y, music box-ish, interactive thing that lets you create your own little tune.

CodePlex TFS Down?

I went to CodePlex to see what’s been going on with a couple projects since the last time I was there, and it seems that the Team Foundation Server is down.  I noticed it last night and it still seems to be down now.  I got a couple different error screens, depending on what I was trying to do.  This one when trying to view issues:

 And this one when going to the Source Code screen:

Anyway, there’s no real reason for posting this other than to post something.  So there.  I posted again.  Twice in one day.

Telerik — The Quest?

So, what is it?

I added my piece, but it’s in a lousy location.  You can’t even really tell it’s there.  Five points* to the first person to find it!

* Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for anything with any cash value.  Basically, I might as well have offered five billion points — you’re not really going to get anything for it.  However, you do have the privilege of saying that you got the points, and that’s worth something in and of itself.

(via Sahil Malik)

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