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Month: September 2005

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Well, September has come and (almost) gone. 

  1. Only 93 days until 2006.
  2. Only 86 days until Christmas.
  3. Only 62 days until I’m 31.
  4. Only 55 days until Thanksgiving.
  5. Only 39 more days until the WI .NET Users Group has it’s official “Community Launch” (more on this over the next couple weeks).
  6. Only 38 more days until Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 are released.
  7. Only 14 more days until the fifth anniversary of my engagement to Kelly.  (I love you, Kelly!)
  8. Only 11 more days until our next UG meeting (Brian Nantz on Indigo).
  9. Only 5 more days until my current project “goes live”.
  10. Only 1 more day until the weekend.
  11. Only 3 minutes until I go home.

For some reason, I’ve been feeling a little lost and melancholy over the last few days.  I’m not sure why (maybe it’s #3 on the list? j/k).  This happens every once in a while.  It normally lasts a few days and then passes.  It’s probably lack of sleep, combined with a little stress, and WAY too many thoughts (ideas, responsibilities, conversations, etc.) running around my head.  I imagine I’ll be back to 100% by the time the weekend ends.  🙂

Anyway, I just felt like I should post something today.  Since I didn’t have any other topics, this is what you get.  Next week will be more interesting.

BTW, I like that song…

Nerd Dinner Tonight

Details here.

karmaONE Postings


Are any of my 3 readers qualified for one these jobs posted on karmaONE?  If so, I’ll split the referral money with you!  😉

Actually, it’s good to see jobs on there that are outside of the Bay Area.  Recently I’ve seen a few in TX and NY, as well as a couple all the way up here in the midwest in Chicago.  Check out all of their recent posts syndicated here.

Firefox Security

Have you seen this article?  So as this type of thing becomes more of a trend, are people finally going to realize that Firefox is only as secure as it is because its security flaws have yet to be exploited?

Now, I don’t have a single problem with Firefox or people that use it.  I even occasionally use it myself.  But security by (or because of) obscurity isn’t really security at all, now, is it?

John Mitchell

In case you missed it, John Mitchell started blogging recently.  John is a recent transplant to WI.  He is on the Executive Committee of the WI .NET Users Group and on the core team for DotNetNuke.

It’s about time!  😉

Weird Cookie Issue

At work, I’m working on a web app that allows both “users” and “admins” to login.  I’m using ASP.NET’s (1.1) built-in support for the “Remember Me” cookie.  Until now, I’ve been working pretty exclusively on functionality for one or the other (user or admin), so, to save time, I would log in and check the box.

Now, I find myself needing to switch between user screens and admin screens as I test my code.  So I figured I’d use Firefox to test admin changes and IE to test user changes.  That way I could still use the “Remember Me” functionality to save time.

Well, the weird thing is that IE and Firefox seem to be sharing cookies.  When I login as user in IE, I am a user in FF, and if I log out in FF, I am logged out in IE.

Has it always been this way?  Are they really sharing cookies?  Or am I missing something?

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