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Brytan Seth Isaacs

Scott and BrytanI’m very happy to say that Brytan Seth Isaacs was born Saturday afternoon, January 17.  He was 8lbs 12oz, 21in long, and has a lot of dark brown hair.

I snapped a ton of pictures yesterday, but most were duplicates just in case one didn’t turn out.  (I love that you don’t have to worry about that with digital cameras.  The 21st century is awesome.)  We looked through them all and picked 35-40 and uploaded them to Baby Brytan’s website.

In all the picture snapping the only picture of myself with him was when I was cutting the cord.  I didn’t have any pics of me holding him.  So this morning, while Mommy was sleeping, I snuck this picture of him from my phone.  I’m actually surprised how well it turned out considering it came from my phone.

Needless to say, I am a proud dad.  I have two wonderful kids now, and an amazing wife.

I don’t know what else to say, except, I’m happy.


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  1. http://

    your kid’s height came in as 12″. please correct the error. congratulations btw. 

    [Note: This is fixed now and says 21in.  Thanks for catching that.  An (almost) 9lb baby that is only 12″ long would definitely be a sight to see. SI]

  2. Congratulations Scott!

  3. You got the date wrong too. 🙂

    [Note: OK, I fixed this too.  Anything else??  I guess I had a lot on my mind that day. SI]

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