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Month: August 2006

The Baby Is Now In The Lead

I posted a couple days ago about our upcoming schedule.  Well, it seems now that the baby might take the lead by a day or two.

Apparently our wood flooring people announced to the other contractors on site this past Monday that they would walk off the job if everyone else hadn’t cleared out of the house by 9 AM.  That, coupled with the holiday on Monday, will push us out until Wednesday or Thursday (the day our baby will probably be born) to get occupancy, and until the following weekend to move.  So we will probably have occupancy before the baby is born, but not actually be able to move in.

I have to admit that I’m more than a little angry at the flooring installers.  They knew that these people had to be there that day, and realistically, there was no reason for them to kick everyone out until later in the afternoon when they were about to start applying the first coat of finish.


Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it now.  At least my parents will be in town to see the new baby help us move.

Neck and Neck Around Turn Four!

Well, everything is starting to happen at once.  With the new house, everything should be done in time for us to move in next weekend (Labor Day weekend).  My fingers are still crossed on that one.  The house has taken a couple weeks longer than I wanted, but we are still ahead of the schedule agreed to with our builder.  So with any luck, we will be all moved in by 9/4.

Then on 9/7, we’re going to the hospital to have our baby.  You may be thinking, “Yeah, right.  This rookie parent thinks his baby is going to be born on the due date.”  Actually our due date is the following week, but for a number of reasons we are going to induce labor on the 7th.  The doctor said that may end up taking a couple days, but we’re hoping it goes quickly.  So unless, she decides to be born early, our daughter will be born on 9/7 (or 9/8).

Let’s recap: moving on 9/4, having a baby on 9/7.

Right now, it looks like the house will edge the baby out by a hair.  C’mon house!  You can do it!  Just hold on!

What I’ve Secretly Been Working On

We’re all familiar with water, right?  You know, H20?  Well in light of all the Web 2.0 “stuff” out there today, I’ve been asked to be part of a team working on a new version.

As you may or may not know, our current stable release is H21.  It is a maintenance release, with a few bug fixes.  But we’re we’re really proud of is our new Beta for version H30.  It’s a limited beta, so you have to be invited by someone who is already a beta particpant, but don’t ask me for an invitation.  I was only given a few and I’ve already given them out.

So, besides the new spelling, you might be wondering what’s new in Watr H3.0.  Well, here’s a short list:

  • Rewritten from the ground up using Ruby on Rails and AJAX
  • A public REST API*
  • A public SOAP API*
  • Even more Hydrogen than before!
  • Baked in tag support, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “tag cloud
  • RSS/Atom feeds
  • User-generated content
  • and more! 

* = Available in a future release

This is all very exciting, as you can imagine.  Due to the “limited beta” status, I’ve said about all I can say about this, but keep your eyes open for our public beta in the near future.


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