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More on CS 2.0

OK, so I’ve tweaked the blog skin a little (added a couple things to the side bar), and I’m getting used to it.  I also downloaded this from the CS site.  It lets me type code into my posts and it highlights it for me.  For example:

[code language=”VB.NET”]’ VB
Dim myString as String = “Hello world”[/code]

[code language=”C#”]// C#
string myString = “Hello world”;[/code]

[code language=”T-SQL”]– SQL
select ‘Hello world'[/code]

[code language=”ASP/ASP.NET”]<%’ ASP.NET %>
<asp:Label id=”Label1″ runat=”server” />[/code]

I don’t post a lot of code really, but maybe now I will… [;)]

Upgraded to Community Server 2.0

I just upgraded to Community Server 2.0.  It was pretty smooth.

It’s slick.  I haven’t found a skin I like yet, so I’m using the default.  Maybe someday I’ll get around to changing that.  Bear with me.  😉

Pink OR Blue OR (Yellow AND Green)

OK, I can finally start telling people what I’ve been keeping secret.

Kelly and I are going to have a baby!!!

A few weeks ago, we had our first ultrasound.  That was amazing!  The baby was less than 3/4″ long at the time, but its heart was already beating (I could see it beating 3 times per second, but we couldn’t hear it), and it was already moving around.  Apparently it sleeps for about 23 hours a day (lucky!), but it must have got disturbed during the ultrasound because it was in a different position at the end than it was at the beginning.

That was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen.  I can’t imagine how this could get any cooler, but if I listen to my friends who already have kids, it must get way better.  I can’t wait to be overwhelmed when the baby is born in September!

We’re almost 12 weeks, so we won’t know for another couple months if we should be decorating the baby’s room in our new house with pink or blue.  The new house, by the way, is also due in September.

I’m so excited….

Good Gifts for Attornerys

Saw this today on Seth Godin’s blog.

Chuck Norris Can Divide By Zero

Thanks to Gerry for sending me this link of amazing facts about Chuck Norris.

Do You Like Catfish?

If you think back, you may remember that I blogged about a being a technical reviewer for an upcoming O’Reilly book.  Well the book has just been published, and I got a copy in the mail today.  In the O’Reilly tradition, it has an animal on the front cover — a catfish.

If anyone buys a copy, I’d be happy to sign it for you.

You know, now that I’m famous… and published…  sort of…  in that “I didn’t really write anything — I just read the book” sort of way.

Update: A co-worker pointed out that my name was listed in the credits at the end of the introduction.  I didn’t even realize that I had been mentioned in the book.  Now you have to buy it.

I Make the Web Suck Less

According to optionsScalper, I make the web “suck less” with some things I posted earlier this month here and here.

Just doing my job, ma’am.  Just doing my job.  😉

I’m Feeling Blue Tonight

Tonight, Kelly and I are going to Chicago to see the Blue Man Group.  We’re going to the 10PM show, so we’re staying the night (at a nice 4 star joint thanks to Priceline).

Her birthday was yesterday and this was part of her present.  I think I might enjoy it as much as her, though!

Mouse Wheel in VB6

Now that VB8 has been out for a few months, and I’m using it as much as I use VB6 (mostly on VB7), I’ve finally found an answer to a problem that has bugged me forever.  OK, well, not forever, but for a long time.

Has anyone ever noticed that the scroll wheel on your mouse doesn’t work correctly in VB6?  A coworker sent me a link today that tells you how to fix that.

So, in case I’m not the only person to not know that such a fix exists (because I never bothered to search), here you go!  Enjoy!

What a great way to end a Friday…  😉

The Aunt Sara Principle

Something that every business should do.  Imagine how good it would feel to be a customer for a company who thinks you’re they’re favorite.  And from the other side, imagine what it would be like to only work with people who are your favorites?

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