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Month: June 2006

Baby First "Photos"

Our baby’s first “photos” were taken yesterday.  We’ve already had a few ultrasounds, but this was a little cooler….

Click for bigger view:


Anyone know anything about orkut?  I’ve seen it mentioned before, and I happened on it again today. 

I’m not normally that big into social networking sites, but when you can’t sign up on your own, and they make you have an invitation, I get curious… [:)]

Upcoming Users Group Meetings

We have two great meetings on the schedule for the WI .NET Users Group.

The first is tonight, June 13: Regular Expressions with Dave Wanta.

In this presentation, Dave Wanta will present an introduction to Regular Expressions, commonly known as Regexes. This presentation will cover the basic Regex operators, metacharacters, and pattern matching. From there, we will move into advanced groupings, replacing, and logic branching. Come prepared to learn, as most of this presentation is performed writing Regexes, rather than simply talking about them.

About Dave
Dave Wanta is the founder of www.123aspx.com, the first and largest ASP.NET directory site, and www.kbAlertz.com, the only site available to update you about Microsoft’s latest KB Articles. A veteran speaker and instructor, Dave has also co-authored The ASP.NET Bible for Hungry Minds. Topic Areas are: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Caching, ADO.NET, Patterns, TCP\IP and Network Connections in .NET.

Register online here.

The next one is Tuesday, July 11: An Introduction to Grid Computing with Chad Albrecht.

Have a power hungry application on a machine that just can’t handle it? Don’t buy a faster machine, steal the cycles you need! In his presentation, Chad Albrecht will discuss the basics of grid computing using .NET technologies. Grid computing provides an interesting means of distributing applications across any number of machines. Learn the fundamentals of grid computing, data grids, basic SQL Server scaling out and a few other tricks. Those in attendance will be able to use their laptops as active grid nodes, so make sure to bring it along!

About Chad
Chad Albrecht is an engineer with 15 years experience developing connected applications. His domain knowledge includes business analysis, communication systems, embedded design, database architecture and mobile computing in the Microsoft and Linux environments. Chad has worked as an independent consultant for much of his career and services clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago markets.

Register online here.

Kicked in the Face

No, Gerry, not “punched in the neck”.  This morning I was kicked in the face…

…by my unborn daughter.

The last two times I talked to her she started moving around, and then settled down when I stopped talking.  Today was the same.  I was talking to her, and she started kicking.  For some unknown reason I put the side of my face on Kelly, as if I would be able to hear the baby respond, which, of course, is silly.

Or maybe not. 

I didn’t hear a response, but I felt one — she kicked when my face was there and got me right in the cheek. 

Now don’t worry.  I’m OK.  It didn’t hurt because she’s only about 12 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds, but she might just be a soccer player if this is any sort of indication.  [:)]  Of course, I’d rather she be into baseball, but I guess I’ll leave it up to her.

I just think it’s amazing that, even before she is born, she knows who I am by my voice.  Kelly said she doesn’t do that for anyone else.


By the way, regardless of what she says, Kelly’s belly button IS the microphone so that the baby can hear me.

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