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Weird Solitaire Hand

weird solitaire handI was playing solitaire ("regular" single-deck solitaire) on my phone the other day and got dealt an unusual hand.  All of a sudden I noticed a very weird combination of cards.  Then another.  Then another. Do you see it?

Click the picture to see a larger one.


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  1. Hmmm…
    – 7 2 are the worst pair of cards to start a poker hand with
    – All prime except 8 & Q
    – All fib except 7 & Q
    – All 4 2s are in play
    – Only 5 distinct values out of 11 cards shown
    – 4 * 2s, 3 * 7s, 2 * 5’s, and 1 each Q & 8
    – The sum of values in the pile minus the top draw card = 42
    – Would have been cooler if you had taken the picture 1 minute later.

    That’s all I have… I’m probably missing something obvious, aren’t I?

  2. Yes, it’s something more obvious.  Remember it’s "regular single-deck solitaire".

  3. Doh I saw it immediately once I took another look. I think the app developer is doing it wrong.

  4. http://

    Qty of 2 of hearts!!

  5. Yes, and 5 of clubs too.

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