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Short Version

Proud Dad (x2), Happy Husband (x1), Professional Geek (SafeNet), Former Math Geek (BS, Applied Math), Former Pres. WI .NET UG (wi-ineta.org), CA Export, WI Import

Less Short Version

A long time ago (1974) in a land far, far away (California), a young couple gave birth to their first child — a son. This son would be their pride and joy for the next three-and-a-half years until his sister was born.

Apparently, there was some debate regarding what to name me; they finally gave me a name, though. They decided to name me Bryan. However, presumably in an effort to confuse me, and everyone around me, they opted to call me by my middle name, Scott.

Somewhere along the way, I found an interest in computers. It all started with an old Commodore64 computer. Regardless of when or where, I’ve developed (pun intended) into a geek. Now someone has even agreed to give me a small amount of money for being one.

I have my hands in many projects, ranging from running a small web hosting company to being a Solutions Director at a local firm. Also, I spent 12 years volunteering my time as the President of the local .NET community before stepping down in 2014.

Through some process of events, I’ve found myself over 2,000 miles from my home state of California in the Milwaukee area. Normally, at this point, the next question is “Why on earth would you move from sunny California to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin?”

That’s a good question. No one really knows the answer.

Two days after I arrived in Wisconsin, though, I met a girl. Kelly and I started dating almost immediately, and have been happily married since May 2001. We have two children, Charlize (2006) and Brytan (2009). We have a dog, too, but I like my kids more.

I’m definitely a geek, but not necesarily your cookie-cutter geek.  I rarely play video games, and I don’t watch much SciFi. I think I’m a pretty well-rounded guy. I played varsity basketball in high school, and have hiked several places including the Grand Canyon and Half Dome at Yosemite. I’ve always had a love for baseball (my first word was “ball”) and, even though I now live in Wisconsin, I am still a San Francisco Giants fan.

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