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Month: October 2006

Tap My Mind Is More Web 2.0 Than Google

My site, www.tapmymind.com, is “more Web 2.0” that Google (www.google.com) according to the Web 2.0 Validator.

So where are my billions?

I’m Looking for New Opportunities

Well, the time has come for me to start aggresively looking for new employment opportunities.  If anyone has any leads, please contact me.  My resume is posted on this site, and I will be updating it shortly.  In a nutshell, I’m a .NET developer, and am open to any ideas.

Visual Studio 2005 Toolbox Icons

I’m sure this is something I could fix given some time with my good friend Google, but time is something I don’t have a lot of, and the problem isn’t really that serious — just annoying.

In a nutshell, the icons in my Toolbox (VS 2005, not SP1) are “messed up” — they’re all the same icon (see picture on right).  Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?  Especially suggestions that won’t cause me to lose other non-default settings I have changed?

Update: It’s only happening on WinForms apps (web apps are OK), and it is only on three of the control groups in the toolbox: “All Windows Forms”, “Common Controls”, and “Containers”.

Those MIT People Are Smart


How Wealthy Is Bill Gates

So BillG is worth around $53 billion, or should I say $53 “Bill-ion”.  That’s amazing.  To help me put that into perspective, I found the MegaPenny Project.  According to the math on this site, if Bill converted his entire wealth into pennies, he would have enough pennies to fill the Sears Tower — twice!

Of course that’s 25 times as many pennies as are in circulation, so I wouldn’t be looking for any copper skyscrapers in Redmond anytime soon.

I’d be happy with enough pennies to fill my house ($10-15 million).  I’m not greedy.  [;)]

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