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Month: August 2011

There She Goes

It’s been almost 5 years ago to the day since my daughter was born.  In many ways it seems like yesterday, yet I can hardly remember a time without her.

In just a few hours, she’s going to be starting kindergarten.  She was so excited she jumped into bed with her clothes on.


Evolving .NET

Jason Bock will be speaking at this week’s WI .NET Users Group meeting.  

Evolutionary programming and computation have been used in the past to produce amazing and unexpected designs, yet a lot people don’t know how powerful these concepts are. This session will describe these principles and show how you can use them as you develop .NET code by using LINQ expressions.

The meeting is on a special night this week: Thursday, August 11.  More info and registration is at the link above.

What Would Happen

So I was wondering something tonight.  

What would happen if the worst 10% of people in any given profession found a new line of work?  Would there suddenly be a shortage of programmers, for example, if the worst 10% of all programmers quit their jobs?  Perhaps, but I’d bet that most would not be replaced.

So what would happen if the best 10% of people in any given profession mentored someone?

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