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Favorite Conversation

I just had my favorite conversation ever with my little girl (2yo).

Me: Charlie.

Charlie: (Stops playing and looks at me.)

Me: I love you.

Charlie: I love you, too, Daddy.  (Starts playing again.)

Makes me wish there was a DVR for real life.


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    Thanks for sharing that Scott! It makes me feel really old to hear of you speaking about your child talking to you! I remember you when you were but a child yourself and I can see by reading what you have written on here that you GET IT about being a parent! It is the most awesome and fulfilling job you will ever have in your life believe me! My youngest is now 24 and my oldest is 29 and I am a grandmother of 9 and soon to be 10……God is awesome and so faithful! I just wanted to tell you to treasure every moment you have with your child (children) cause they do really grow up wayyyyy too soon! (Tell your parents hello for me won’t you?)

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