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Seven Years

Today (5/5/2008) is the seventh anniversary of my marriage to Kelly.  I’m sure she will never read this, but I love her more than ever and am looking forward to the next 70 years (or so).

We picked this date because 5/5/2008 means the same in the US as it does in European (and other) countries that list the day before the month.  Actually, that had absolutely nothing to do with the date selection.  It was more like "what Saturdays do you have open around May" when we were trying to book The American Club.

I love you, Kelly.


Putting a Necktie on a Giraffe



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    Congratulations for your 7th year! Hope you go many more such lucky sevens. If it matters to you, we are in the 11th and still marching forward 😉

    Hey BTW about the date you mentioned, what about those countries that put year first? (China and Taiwan for example? LOL)

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