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Putting a Necktie on a Giraffe

Naked giraffeGiraffe-sized necktieIf I told you that you had to put this necktie on this giraffe, what would you do?

The way I see it, there are three logical positions for this tie to be placed on the giraffe’s neck: 1) at the bottom of the neck, near the body, 2) in the middle of the neck, or 3) at the top of the neck, near the head.  Personally, I think choice #3 makes our business giraffe look the most professional, although with choice #1, the tie is more likely to be out of the giraffe’s way, especially while it is bending down.  Perhaps choice #2 is a good compromise, though — it’s less stuffy than #3, and although not as convenient for the giraffe’s bending tasks as #1, it doesn’t look like it will interfere too much.  Here are my depictions of each of these choices for visual comparison.

Choice 1 - bottom of the neck Choice 2 - middle of the neck Choice 3 - top of the neck

So, in this hypothetical situation, what would you do?  Why?

Perhaps I’ll share my own thoughts about this in another post someday.


Updated OPML


Seven Years


  1. I’d definitely go bottom of the neck. 1) it’s easiest, and 2) nobody wears their necktie at the top of their neck, directly under their chin. That would look silly.

  2. It needs to be snug around the collar of the shirt, and extend down to the belt-buckle. So I conclude that the location of the tie on giraffe depends on the location of the shirt collar and belt-buckle of the giraffe. Perhaps a tie-tack would be necessary as well, so that he doesn’t trip himself on his way to important giraffe business.

  3. http://

    if one has such a boss with high horse attitude who asks other people to put tie for him, methinks that person (the “one”) needs to look for another job.

    o.t.o.h., what on earth the giraffe needs a tie for? in these days of ‘business casual’ office life, i have not pulled my tie out in several months.

    may be this is irrelavent but in one my earlier jobs on the eastern shore, my office boss came in contact with a barber who came to the office for some research test as a guinea pig. the boss immediately arranged for his own hair cut right in the center of the office hall! less talked, the better about tie and the great american office culture. it was pure mockery of the office dress code.

    anyway if i ‘have to’ put the tie because you told me, then it is picture 1 (left most) but even that is not close to the giraffe legs. it must be snug around legs and neck. so move to close to legs.

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