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I’m very excited because in a couple days I will be going with my wife and daughter to Disneyland in California.  We are meeting my parents there for Charlie’s first Disney experience, and I can’t wait to see how excited she will be.  She’s coming up on 21 months and really shows her excitement — she dances, stomps her feet (like those Irish tap dancers) and waves her arms.  It may sound cute, but it’s even cuter to see.

Also, between now and then I have a few phone calls setup.  I’m currently on the market for a new job, and so far things have gone well in my search since I started 6 days ago.  If you are hiring in the Milwaukee area, feel free to contact me.  My resume can be found at www.scottisaacs.com/resume.  It is slightly out of date, but 99% complete.  If time allows in the next couple days I’ll make it 100%.


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    Whatz up? Why looking for new job? What happened with the current one? Email me, if you have time.

    When my daughter was that age we went to Florida Disney at Orlando from MKE. The following points you may want to keep in mind. Remember this is an unsolicited advice so feel free to dump it 😉

    1. Stroller is the MOST necessary thing. Or you will end up carrying your bundle of joy *and* her clothes etc and it will have a retrograde effect on your/your wife’s back bone. No kidding.
    2. Carry additional (which implies “your original idea” plus 10) diapers. While riding she could soil one diaper (in normal or excess quantities. LOL)
    3. Additional two pairs of clothes – just in case she soils one or two (or end up buying the disney brand clothes on an emergency basis at $25/piece.
    4. CA Disney is HOT weatherwise. Carry the real H2O and her doctor prescribed stuff *and* lots of gatorade etc. Even if she refuses, keep feeding fluids to her and keep her hydrated.
    5. Keep in mind that you can see only 50 to 70% of the land – the reason is that some rides have a height requirement. Below 42″ the kid will *not* be allowed to ride. So be prepared for that disappointment. You may end up feeling that you paid that amount and could not see all. Naturally.
    6. Wrap every riding by 7 PM or around and sit and relax in a comfortable place for the fireworks, if there are any on that day.
    7. Allow *at least* 2 hours *AFTER* fireworks to make to the car because after fireworks, all the million people in the land will want to exit AT ONCE. We took hotel’s public bus and had to rush and caught it on the nick of time when it was moving out. So if you take public transport that way, be careful. If you drive, God bless you, you are all set for a good delay.
    8. Be prepared to get out of the land, just in case of emergency – some kids get sick and vomit. When we went the temps touched 80s but thank God our kid did not vomit. She did however vomit on the flights both to and back from Orlando to MKE. It was a mess to clean the seats and such. Again no kidding.
    9. Be prepared to walk, walk and walk some more. Lines are pretty LONG. In the airport you can walk ahead of the crowd showing your kid but not in Disney because there everyone has a kid (or two or more).
    10. Anyway, each kid is different. So hope that all will be OK. Have a great time and enjoy. Keep the kid’s doctor’s phone number handy, just in case. I would actually advice going to see the kids doctor before you take the flight and get all the shots up to date and ask for advice – like what to carry and what not to. Above all, just enjoy, usually everything will go smooth. D.Land’s staff help a lot too.

    Have more questions? Shoot. LOL

  2. Sarma –

    Thanks for all the tips. All good advice. We are taking the “big” stroller instead of the smaller one. It’s more inconvenient to travel with (airports, cars, etc.) but much more convenient for while we are at the park.

    Judging by weather reports it will not be *too* hot. In my home town in northern CA it has been over 100 degrees, but will be around 70 in Anaheim this weekend.

    I’m very much looking forward to the trip…….

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