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I Need Your Help

I need to come up with a name for a computer.  I’ve never been a fan of names like “BobsXP” or “DownstairsComputer”.  Descriptive names are overrated.

In the past I’ve used a wide variety of names for different computers I’ve setup and/or used.  Kelly has even taken up this practice.  Her desktop computer is named LOUISVUITTON and her work computer is GUCCI.  Personally, I like the names to be less meaningful that even that, though.  Here are some examples of names I’ve used:

  • EYES
  • ZEEK
  • DEERPOOP (The network admin made me change it.  He wouldn’t allow BUNNYPOOP or MONGOOSEPOOP either…)
  • BRATS (as in Bratwurst, not naughty children)
  • BANDITO (my iPod)

We’ve even taken it as far as naming our cars.  Kelly’s Saab is “The Snaab” and my truck is “The Black Pearl” (if you’ve seen it you know…).

At my last job, my computer was named RTL-2849-007199.  I think.  I don’t remember exactly, but I know it was something very similar to that.  Maybe it’s not in other languages, but in US English “RTL-2849-007122” is a stupid name.

Anyway, here’s your chance, but I need you to act quickly.  Send me your ideas soon, today if possible.



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  1. http://

    I’ve been using names and places out of neuromancer… molly, tessier, ashpool, etc

    pick a book and go with it

  2. Hi Scott,

    Why dont you try naming it after a Melbourne Cup winner There is a list of names to choose from @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Melbourne_Cup_winners


  3. Use Google Sets [http://labs.google.com/sets] to fill out any raw ideas… The book idea is good, Snow Crash has some great names too:
    Hiroaki “Hiro” Protagonist
    Juanita Marquez
    Da5id Meier
    L. Bob Rife
    Dmitri “Raven” Ravinoff
    Dr. Emanuel Lagos
    Vitaly Chernobyl

  4. Scott,

    I have seen The Black Pearl and she is a fine ship capable of carrying the best of cargo.

    Names that might be useful:

    HC011 (wait, that’s taken on my network)

    Hope that helps.


  5. I like cartoon related names from bits that crack me up…

    (from the Tiny Toons flushing things down the toilet cartoon — http://forums.toonzone.net/showthread.php?t=151051 — but useful for a frequently crashing machine.)


    (from Robot Chicken’s skit about the muppets — “So, you going to show me your t**s?”, “F**k you Howard, I’m dieing!”)


    (from Family Guy — “Damn you, damn the broccoli and damn the Wright brothers!”)

  6. My home PC is named Gemini because it dual boots between WinXP and Windows Server 2003.

    Otherwise I like to name my computers and servers based on characters from TV shows or movies. Simpsons is an obvious choice with plenty of characters. When I was an intern in college I named a development server Apu and even have a little web page with Apu picture on it.

    Right now I may use Alias, Lost, South Park or Seinfeld as a source for characters. For Lost my main computer could be Jack or perhaps Locke. And that would dictate the desktop photo as well if you want to get all festive.

    If you went with the Seinfeld route you could use Elaine or Kramer on a machine which is kinda flaky. Newman is good for a big server machine. And Soup Nazi is good for a build server which will taunt you if you break the build. No soup for you!

    Not that I have put much thought into this…

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