I am setting up a computer, and I installed VS 2003 and VS 2005.  I opened 2003 today and found myself unable to debug any web apps.  I went through the help file, and every setting was as it should be, but I still couldn’t debug.

Well, I finally found the problem/solution, and since Gerry always tells me to blog everything, you get to read it.  Basically, when I installed VS 2005 it set my IIS (5.1, WinXP Pro) to use the 2.0 framework instead of the 1.1 framework.  (I don’t know why it did that.  I don’t remember that happening last time I installed 2005.)  Since I always use VS 2005’s built-in web server when developing ASP.NET 2.0, I just changed the setting back to 1.1 at the default level.

All is well again.