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I’m Turning 11111 Tomorrow

As I write this, I have just over four hours until my next birthday — 6 if you’re reading from California. ** 

I guess I really don’t have that much to say about that.  I thought there would be more words here by this point, but there’s not.

** Warning: Moving from CA to WI makes you 2 hours older!  On the other hand, going home for Christmas makes you younger.


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  1. Scott,

    Don’t travel the morning of your birthday to CA and back in the evening after 10pm of your birthday. You will waste a lot of time on airplanes and in airports.

    Happy B-Day from a 101010, or 0x2a, year old. You are moving from an even-parity to an odd-parity age. Next year, you will move from an odd-parity to an odd-parity age.


    p.s. Tell Kelly you are coming over tomorrow to work on THAT PROJECT and then you and I can go to one of those places where one-dollar bills are exchanged for various . . .

  2. Happy Birthday Scott

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