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MKE Blog of the Week

I just found out that I’m in the running for Blog of the Week on MKE.  I don’t know if this is a totally random selection, or if someone reads the blogs and selects the top five for the week.

Regardless, take 15 seconds and vote for me!!  Voting closes on Wednesday night, and the results will be posted on Thursday, which just happens to be my birthday!  (I’ll be 11111, or 1F, 37, or 31, depending on your number system of choice. )  Since it’s free, you might as well give me your vote for my birthday.

Just think of it as practice voting for me in 2012 or 2016.

Update: I’ve decided that I will occasionally “hide” additional information in some posts.  I don’t know why — it just sounds like fun.  Nothing as complicated as this, but still more-or-less hidden.  Anyway, when you see this icon , hover your mouse over a nearby sentence, paragraph, image, word, or anything else, and you might just see the “super secret” extra information.


Scott Isaacs for President in 2012 (or 2016)


I’m Turning 11111 Tomorrow


  1. Scott,

    I voted for you. And so I wouldn’t feel bad, I voted for each of the other blogs as well. I really feel like I’ve practiced voting now.


  2. O –

    Thanks for making sure to make everyone feel good about themselves. Very thoughtful indeed.


  3. I am sure your blog will win. The other blogs either cover politics or nothing. But even though the Johnny Mac blog does not cover anything the women may vote for him because he has a picture of him without a shirt. Scott, you may want to step it up and post some of your own photos for the ladies. 😛

  4. For the *ladies*, Brennan? Or do you have your own personal interests? 😉

  5. Never heard of MKE blog of the week – great idea!

    We need a WI-INETA blog of the month, Mr. President of WI-INETA guy.

    Anyway… I voted, good luck!

  6. Very cool! I voted for you!!! YOU DA MAN!

  7. http://

    You are my hero.

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