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Scott Isaacs for President in 2012 (or 2016)

I think I’m going to look into running for President of the United States in 2012 or 2016, depending on who wins in 2008.

Can I count on you for your support?


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    Since you are already the president (of WI INETA), I’d vote for you in any election year.


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    Sure, just as long as the Gerry guy isn’t your running mate! 😉 (he’s from Chicago)

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    Chicago’s only 10 minutes away.

    Scott, what’s your stance on lesbians???

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    Nice! My brother Steve is seriously considering running for an alderman position in Madison. I will have to ask him about his lesbian stance.

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    Oh my – can I be your running mate. A repub and demo on the same ticket – we will surely win!

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    An engineer in the white house?..i’m all for it!

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    Hey if you run in 2016 looks like we will be running against eachother!

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