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Weird Cookie Issue

At work, I’m working on a web app that allows both “users” and “admins” to login.  I’m using ASP.NET’s (1.1) built-in support for the “Remember Me” cookie.  Until now, I’ve been working pretty exclusively on functionality for one or the other (user or admin), so, to save time, I would log in and check the box.

Now, I find myself needing to switch between user screens and admin screens as I test my code.  So I figured I’d use Firefox to test admin changes and IE to test user changes.  That way I could still use the “Remember Me” functionality to save time.

Well, the weird thing is that IE and Firefox seem to be sharing cookies.  When I login as user in IE, I am a user in FF, and if I log out in FF, I am logged out in IE.

Has it always been this way?  Are they really sharing cookies?  Or am I missing something?


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  1. I would imagine that by design both FF and IE are using the Cookies folder under documents and settings.

  2. That certainly seems to be the case, but I thought that I remembered them being separate in the past. Apparently my memory is faulty.

  3. Cookies have always been seperate…not sure what the deal is going on here. Have you figured it out?

  4. Perhaps you will have to run Virtual PC instances just to separate your cookies now. 🙂

    I would hope that MSIE and Firefox are not sharing cookies. In the past they were separate but this is now the second time someone has written about this happening.

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