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Firefox Security

Have you seen this article?  So as this type of thing becomes more of a trend, are people finally going to realize that Firefox is only as secure as it is because its security flaws have yet to be exploited?

Now, I don’t have a single problem with Firefox or people that use it.  I even occasionally use it myself.  But security by (or because of) obscurity isn’t really security at all, now, is it?


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  1. I believe Firefox had the best potential to avoid the security problems that have plagued MSIE largely due to the fact that it did not support ActiveX and allow websites to quietly install applications (malware) onto your computer. Now that IE7 will be eliminating those problems Firefox and MSIE may be on even ground. It is still frustrating that after touting superior security that the Firefox team drops the ball.

    And Ajax is getting all kinds of attention. The XHR object which makes it all work is an ActiveX component in MSIE 6. But in MSIE 7 they are going to implement it as raw Javascript as it is done with Firefox and Safari.

    I am expecting that these security issues will be resolved just like the blue screen of death was resolved when MS finally put memory protection into the OS. Once MS bakes security into Vista along with IE7 it should be smoother sailing.

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