So today, Gerry and I met Sean at his workplace for lunch.  Miller looks like a great company to work for.  It’s a nice building, has a good cafeteria, and, based on our quick tour, has a lot of conveniences for employees.  There is an exercise room, a convenience store, an actual bar (doesn’t open until late afternoon), a Tyme machine (ATM for those of you not in Wisconsin), dry cleaning service, and probably more things that I’ve forgotten already.

Granted, I don’t drink, so free beer doesn’t appeal to me much, but the company seems to really value their employees, which is great.  If it was 20 miles to the west, I might send over my resume tonight.  It’s hard to pass up a 4.5 mile commute, although it would be great to work somewhere where I could have someone as bright as Sean to mentor me.