I booked hotel yesterday via Hotwire.  I booked a room for myself and one for a co-worker at the Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa.  It looks pretty nice — Hotwire even called it a “condo”.  We got it for a pretty good rate, too — only $58 per night.

I’ve talked to a few people over that last few weeks that were either going or planning to go.  Of course it’s sold out now, so I don’t know if those “planners” are going to make it.  So, anyway, all of us Milwaukee-area locals that are going should plan on meeting at lunch one day or something.

If you’re going and would be interested in hooking up during some downtime, leave a comment here with your link or e-mail so I can get in touch with you later.

Otherwise, I’ll just have to hang out with my co-worker, Steve, and with Gerry