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CodePlex TFS Down?

I went to CodePlex to see what’s been going on with a couple projects since the last time I was there, and it seems that the Team Foundation Server is down.  I noticed it last night and it still seems to be down now.  I got a couple different error screens, depending on what I was trying to do.  This one when trying to view issues:

 And this one when going to the Source Code screen:

Anyway, there’s no real reason for posting this other than to post something.  So there.  I posted again.  Twice in one day.


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  1. Yeah, they’ve been riddled with errors the last few weeks. I’m actually thinking about either moving my PietschSoft.VE project to a different OSS hosting site or creating a site for the project to host it myself. CodePlex is pretty cool when it works.

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