So I just upgraded to Community Server 2007 today, and I’ve been using Windows Live Writer for my last couple posts.  This is my first test of the two in combination. 

One thing to note, in WLW I tried to update the style of my blog, but it failed for some reason.  I may look into it later, but in all reality it’s not that important for me to see my posts in the same exact layout as they will appear after publishing.  Also, I still want to update the skin from the default one being used, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to that.

One gripe I having about using WLW is that adding categories (tags), while easy enough to do, is obscure enough to make it easy to forget.  It’s not really obscure, just not front and center.  Oh, well.  I imagine it will just take a little time to get used to it.

Update: For some reason, after I restarted WLW a few times, the “Update Weblog Style” function began working.  Also, be sure to remember (like I didn’t) that by default CS removes the www from your URL, and that was causing problems with WLW finding the MetaBlog API (since I had changed that on my previous CS install and hadn’t changed it again on the new version).