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Another (Slightly) Useful Piece of Software

OK, so this one may only be useful to one other person on the planet, but here it is.  (If you’re a .NET developer, then this is a trivial application.)

Anyway, my wife had a need to convert a bunch of BMP files into JPGs, and she doesn’t have Photoshop, or anything like that installed.  She could have done the conversion with MS Paint, one at a time, but that was cumbersome for a lot of images.  So I “whipped this together” for her.  In a nutshell, you specify a folder, and it creates JPG versions of all BMP files in that folder.  It doesn’t do any resizing, resampling, cropping, or anything else.  It just saves a copy in the new format — pretty basic.

For the .NET geek that might read this, I got 95% of the way (which was approximately equal to a whopping 20 lines of code) through this in VB 2005, then remembered that she doesn’t have the new framework installed.  So rather than spend the time installing that for her, I just copied the code into VB 2003 and finished there.  What can I say.  I’m lazy…  🙂

Anyway, here is the download.  Use at your own risk.  I zipped the entire solution, but if you’re not a developer and just want to use it, then look for the EXE in the “bin” folder.  You must have version 1.1 of the .NET framework installed for this to run, but if you’ve run Windows Update anytime in the last couple years, you probably do.


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    Actually, I could find this very useful. I’d like to modify the program to output .png format instead of .jpg (because some email servers block .jpg). I take pictures regularly from my digital camera and when I download them to my server, they are in .jpg format, thus, this program could be useful. Thanks.

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