Since I’m approaching my one-year anniversary of my return to blogging, I thought I’d compile a few stats about my blogging habits.  These numbers do not include this current post, and dates and times have been adjusted to Central time (the server is in the Pacific time zone).

Since I started blogging on this site on February 7, 2005, it has been 332 days, and I have written 110 posts.  For those posts, I have calculated totals based on month, day of week, and hour of day.

Posts per Month

Month# Posts
Feb. 20059
Mar. 200514
Apr. 200511
May 200515
Jun. 200513
Jul. 200514
Aug. 200511
Sep. 20056
Oct. 20056
Nov. 20054
Dec. 20055
Jan. 20062

Posts per Day of Week

Day# Posts

Posts per Hour of Day

Hour# Posts
12:00 AM3
6:00 AM2
7:00 AM1
8:00 AM2
9:00 AM3
10:00 AM8
11:00 AM6
12:00 PM10
1:00 PM8
2:00 PM3
3:00 PM9
4:00 PM6
5:00 PM4
6:00 PM6
7:00 PM4
8:00 PM8
9:00 PM6
10:00 PM14
11:00 PM7

I’m sure this information is completely riveting to absolutely all of my readers, right?  🙂