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You know, I was re-reading my last post, and I see that I missed something important.  I meant to mention it there, but got distracted in the middle of the post and forgot when I came back.  (Typical…)

I really need to thank Kelly (“Her Royal Highness of the Order of the Geek”) for all her hard work.  All I did was clean up the yard, set up the chairs, and burn the burgers.  She took care of all of the other stuff, like cleaning the house, preparing the toppings and sides, putting all of the stuff that people brought out, doing the dishes, and pretty much everything else.  Plus, she managed to carry on conversations with the geeks and geek widows.

I just wanted to say thanks to Kelly for all her hard work to make the whole day happen.

I love you!




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  1. Scott,

    I hope that her highness made you sleep in the backyard after forgetting to thank her.

    Thank you both again for the great time.


  2. Thanks for putting it together, although I couldn’t make it. 🙁 It’s great to see such a solid community forming…very cool idea!

  3. @Sean,

    Yeah, sure, another community event that you “can’t” attend. Next thing you’re going to tell us is that you were at a company event or something and they had like lots of beer and cool rock bands like Bon Jovi because the company is like 150 years old and stuff.


    p.s. It was a great cookout, but we need details on your (Sean’s) Saturday. Blog’em.

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