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Yesterday was a good day.  The weather was really nice. 

We had a few friends over for a cookout.  Actually, there were about 25 people (including kids).  I decided a few months ago to have a party sometime this summer and invite some of my geek friends.

So yesterday was Q# 1.0 (formerly known as BBQ.NET).  I grilled 18 burgers and a dozen brats.  (Actually, as Russ can attest, the grill was basically a bonfire there for a while — lots of grease in the burgers.)  Lots of people brought other things as well.  All in all, I thought it was a pretty fun evening.  The last ones to leave were here until right around 11, and we were all sitting outside around the citronella candle talking about string theory, the meaning of life, and Office 12 amongst other things.

About halfway through the party, I looked around and realized that I had some of the smartest people in Wisconsin in my backyard.  Gerry and his family were there, as well as Brian and the rest of Tinklers (including Brock), Travis and his wife and son, casey and his girlfriend, OS, Russ Ambrose (no site), John Mitchell and his wife, and Kate and Clint Houchens and their kids.  My friend Jeff also made a brief appearance.

I wasn’t sure if Brian would actually be there since he HADN’T CALLED ME IN TWO WEEKS!!!  😉  Apparently, he’s been “really busy” at his new job (at Microsoft), but he did show.  🙂

Also, I just found out yesterday that casey won the Code’n my way to the PDC Contest with his labyrinth TabletPC app.  Congratulations!!!  That’s awesome!

So anyway, thanks to those who came by and enjoyed the afternoon with me and Kelly.  We had a blast!


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  1. Wish I could have made it. Sounds like you guys had a blast!!! Next time.

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