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Month: July 2005

I Am A Tech Reviewer

Well, it looks like I am officially a tech reviewer now.  About a month ago, I mentioned that I had met a Sr. Editor from O’Reilly while in Orlando.  Well, last week he e-mailed me to ask if I was interested in reviewing a new VB book that they’re putting together.

Of course, I said yes, so he sent me the book (actually, just a few chapters of it so far), and I read it.  I finished reading it a few days ago, but wanted to review one chapter again, so I just sent it back to him today with my notes.

To top it off, apparently, I actually get paid for this stuff.  I might have been willing to do it for free until he mentioned that.  🙂

Surprisingly, this whole process seems to be pretty informal.  I got a bunch of Word docs (one for each chapter, appendix, etc.), and an 8 question survey.  That was pretty much all I got.  I made my notes using Word’s revision functionality and just sent back the updated files.

Hopefully I’ll get to see the rest of this book before it’s published.  There are a couple chapters that sound interesting.

Upgraded to Community Server 1.1

So I just updgraded to the newest version of Community Server, which is 1.1.  It was a pretty straightforward upgrade.  That is, once I figured out the the first time I “upgraded” it today I was actually upgrading it to the same version that it already was.  I had the new and old ZIP files side by side and extracted the wrong one.

That didn’t break anything, but I couldn’t figure out why nothing was different.

Anyway, I finally noticed the issue and extracted the correct ZIP.  The site was down for a few minutes between the DB upgrade and the corresponding code upgrade, but I doubt anyone even noticed.  🙂

Anyway, everything should look pretty much the same.  The upgrades seemed to affect the administration more than the public blog functionality.  That said, if anything looks weird or doesn’t work right, please let me know.  Thanks.


I Saw The Batman Movie

I saw the Batman movie tonight with Kelly, and it was pretty cool.  Highlight the following for a little spoiler…

Bruce Wayne is Batman.  (Shhh.)

I Made Some Science

Take the MIT Weblog Survey I’ve seen lots of people with these little images, so I finally decided to go get one of my own. I took the MIT Weblog Survey. You should, too.

I didn’t actually bother to read what it was all about, so don’t bother asking me.  I just wanted a cool little image so I could be part of the “in” crowd.  (Unlike casey, who is completely anti-social.)

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