Well, it looks like I am officially a tech reviewer now.  About a month ago, I mentioned that I had met a Sr. Editor from O’Reilly while in Orlando.  Well, last week he e-mailed me to ask if I was interested in reviewing a new VB book that they’re putting together.

Of course, I said yes, so he sent me the book (actually, just a few chapters of it so far), and I read it.  I finished reading it a few days ago, but wanted to review one chapter again, so I just sent it back to him today with my notes.

To top it off, apparently, I actually get paid for this stuff.  I might have been willing to do it for free until he mentioned that.  🙂

Surprisingly, this whole process seems to be pretty informal.  I got a bunch of Word docs (one for each chapter, appendix, etc.), and an 8 question survey.  That was pretty much all I got.  I made my notes using Word’s revision functionality and just sent back the updated files.

Hopefully I’ll get to see the rest of this book before it’s published.  There are a couple chapters that sound interesting.