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The other day I started using SlickRun.  It was in Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Tools List.  I’d seen it a while back, but finally downloaded and installed it the other day.  Here’s a screenshot:

In short, I like it a lot when I remember to use it (which is spotty, but getting more frequent).  I have it set to show on Win-Q (the default) at the location of my mouse cursor (not default).  You can run commands there as if it was the command window or Start->Run, but you can also create “MagicWords” to be shortcuts to other programs (with or without parameters).  For example, if I type Win-Q then “mor” (for morning), my e-mail, my RSS reader, and iTunes all open.

The best thing about it: it’s free!  🙂  Long live the keyboard!


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  1. http://

    There is also (in slickrun.ini) the option (also listed on his site) to bind it to Windows-R which would make you more likely to use it…

  2. RunFast at:

    It’s not .Net, but it’s a great util that has the killer features of slickrun. Since it’s native Win32, it’s a very fast & tight app.

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