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That’s My Name — Don’t Wear It Out

So Gerry posted about Sean’s posts about commercials, etc.  Lot’s of interesting stuff there — you should read it (after you’re done reading my post, of course).

For me, the real interesting part was near the end where he’s talking about Cropper, which is a simple tool to help you take screen shots.  (A very cool, simple tool I might add.)  Gerry’s last line was:

The name at the top of the Cropper site is Brian Scott… Is this funny to anyone else in the industry???

As it turns out, the author of Cropper responded to a question of Gerry’s, and was also wondering what was so funny about his name.  Gerry meant no offense to Brian Scott.  That comment directed at me.  For those that don’t know, my real name is Bryan Scott Isaacs.

I spoke with Gerry for about 5 minutes this morning and he mentioned this and we started thinking of all of the people in the industry that we either knew or knew of that were named Bryan/Brian, Scott or Isaacs.  Gerry challenged me to come up with a list of all that I could think of, so here goes, with their number of Bryan/Brian Scott Isaacs (BSI) points.

NameAboutBSI points
Brian ScottCropper developer.2
Brian TinklerOur fearless leader at the WI .NET Users Group.1
Scott Hanselman

Funny-man.  Geek.  .NET Architect.  Famous for his “Ultimate Developer and Power Tools” list.

Scott GuthrieHis nickname is ScottGu, but should be ScottGuru.  He is in charge of ASP.NET and IIS7 at Microsoft.1
Brian NantzLocal (MKE) Indigo and .NET expert.  Working on an Indigo book with Scott Seely, so 0.5 bonus points for that.1.5
Scott SeelyMicrosoft’s Indigo Team.  Working on an Indigo book with Brian Nantz, so 0.5 bonus points for that.1.5
Cory Isakson.NET blogger.  Although his name is close, it isn’t an exact match, so he only gets 0.75 points.  🙂  Hey, they’re my points.  I can do whatever I want with them!


Scott Mitchell4 Guys from Rolla founder/editor, author, blogger.1
Scott GallowayUK .NET blogger.1
Scott WatermasyskAKA, Scott Water.  Creator of .Text blogging system.  Now works for Telligent, working on Community Server (the software I use for my blog).1
Scott McCullochDotNetNuke Core Team and module developer.1
“The Other” Scott Isaacs

An author that works for MSN.  I’ve posted about him before.  I don’t know him personally, but we’ve traded e-mails and he mentioned me in his blog once.

Bryan Scott Isaacs

Yours truly…


I know there are undoubtedly hundreds, or even thousands, more geeks named Bryan, Scott or Isaacs (or some variation/combination).  We have at least 6 or 8 Scotts in our WI .NET Users Group alone.  If I’ve missed you, don’t take it personally.  It’s not like I’m the “Keeper of the Scotts” or anything.  I just thought it’d be interesting to list as many as I could come up with in a few minutes.


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  1. Ah, I see now. I never thought about it before, but you guys are right. Something also possibly mildly entertaining is that my brother-in-law is named Brian and has a brother named Scott.

  2. That’s odd. My brother-in-law is also named Scott. (Makes it really confusing at Christmas…)

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