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A Possible New Hobby

I think I’ve decided what I want to take up as my next hobby…

I want to start making guitars.

Kelly told me about something she saw on Boing Boing the other day, and I finally got around to looking at it today.  It’s a Pac Man guitar.  And the head stock is one of the blinking “power dots”!

I thought that was great, but it costs $5,600.  Plus I play bass, not 6 string. 🙁

Then I thought to myself, “Self, you can make one of those!” (I don’t really call myself Self, but you get the idea.)  So I think I’m going to go get a “make your own guitar” book, and start practicing.  I have a few ideas for some designs already, but would like to hear any ideas from anyone else.

Whenever I start building my first bass, I’ll post about it.  If that goes well, I may try making a 6 string, or even a violin.  Of course I already own two bass guitars, and acoustic 6 string and a violin, plus Kelly’s piano and three saxophones, so I don’t really need any more instruments… but this should be fun.

If anyone has ever tried this before, or if you have any design ideas, please feel free to leave me a note here — especially if you have some tips.


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  1. Not needing it is the best reason to make it.

  2. Good point, Damon. If I needed it, I’d probably rush through it and make a piece of crap.

    As an update, I just spoke with a friend of mine whose woodworking skills are far and away better than mine. He’s excited about helping me with this and we may start sooner than expected — at least with some “practice” designs.

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