I’ve been quiet for a while.  Things have been busy lately, to say the least.

Kelly and I bought a lot last week, and are planning to build a house.  Right now, it’s just a field, but there is a big tree (oak I think) on the corner of the lot and a few smaller trees near the back lot line.  Since this was farmland, we have some of the only trees in the whole subdivision (named “Settlement at Utica Lake”).  There is a small lake (Utica Lake) very near by, and lots of trees around that, but none of the lots actually have lakefront property.

Here is a map of the area — our lot is the third one from the lake going west.  The pin is close, but may not be exact.  The lots aren’t marked on the map, so to put it into perspective, there are 13 lots between Gramling Lane and Utica Lake.  Our lot is roughly 0.4 acres.  It’s mostly flat — at least compared to our current yard.

I took a few pictures of the land the other day and will post them soon.  It just looks like a field, but it’s our field.  🙂  I’ll try to keep the updates coming as things progress, especially when there are more pictures.