This isn’t new.  I found it linked from Scott Hanselman’s blog.  Even though I didn’t discover it, it’s still pretty cool if you ever plan to post code to your blog, or include it in any other HTML document.  Check out CopySourceAsHTML.  It is a VS.NET add-in that copied selected text and formats it in HTML to look as it does in VS.  Here is a sample.

   12 Class HelloClass

   13     ‘ Private Variables

   14     Private _Who As String


   16     ‘ Public Variables

   17     Public Property Who() As String

   18         Get

   19             Return _Who

   20         End Get

   21         Set(ByVal Value As String)

   22             _Who = Value

   23         End Set

   24     End Property


   26     ‘ Public Methods

   27     Public Function SayHello() As String

   28         Return SayHello(Me.Who)

   29     End Function


   31     Public Function SayHello(ByVal Name As String) As String

   32         Return String.Format(“Hello, {0}”, Name)

   33     End Function

   34 End Class