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Eight Years

penny Today, October 14, marks the eighth anniversary of the day I proposed to Kelly in the observation deck of the Sears Tower in Chicago.  There were tears and hugs and all the stuff I would have expected from a marriage proposal.  Since we got married 7 years ago (on 5/5/2001), there has been so much more than I would have expected from a marriage.

I love you, Kelly.


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    Congratulations! One curious question though. How does the bearded Lincoln face find the way into this post/marriage/alliance? Is it because of Sears tower or because of land of Lincoln?

    Long live your marriage.

  2. SilentObserver –

    The penny is just something for my wife — sort of an “inside joke” that isn’t really a joke.

    Thanks for the well wishes.


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    a belated congratulations to you and Kelly Scott! As the years go by you just get closer and it gets better and better.

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