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Last Days All Around

Today was my last day as an employee at my current (umm, previous) job.  After 18 months full-time, plus a couple months of part-time consulting and advising, I’ve decided it’s time to move on.  I still believe the product has enormous potential, and I may be walking away from early retirement, but it’s time to move on.

Starting Monday, I will be a Technical Architect at Fullhouse Interactive in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.  I’m excited for a number of reasons.  I’ll be working downtown again, and, while the drive is long, I’ll be close to friends that I rarely get to see.  Even with the extra drive time, I will be able to spend more time with my family because of my average number of hours will decrease.  On top of that, I will also be working from home on a regular basis, which is a first for me.  I’ll get to learn some new things, and hopefully teach some things as well.  I’m also getting to get back into consumer facing web development, which I miss.

I’m really excited for this new job.  If you’re near downtown Milwaukee, let me know and we’ll setup a geek lunch sometime.

As I’m sure you have already read all over the web, today was also the last that Bill Gates will be working for Microsoft.  While I’m sure he will probably never read this, I wish him all the best in his retirement.  Now if only I could figure out how to retire as a billionaire so that I could spend all my time running my charitable foundation…


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  1. Two comments:
    I was born in Redding in northern CA.
    You & Mr. Stelling should set up a lunch this week.

  2. Damon –

    Wow. We’re practically neighbors. I grew up in Stockton (~3 hours from Redding if I remember right).

    I’ll see how the week goes. If not this week (for a lunch) then definitely one of the next couple.

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