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Isaacs #4, ETA January 2009

I’m very excited!  Kelly and I found out the other day that we will be having our second child soon.  We haven’t seen the doctor yet, but we’re estimating a January-ish due date for now.  Once we get the "official" word from the doctor I’ll update with that date.

You may have gathered from a previous post that we had a miscarriage late last year.  So this news is especially exciting to us.

Woo hoo!


This Looks, Ummm, Fun


Updated Due Date: January 27, 2009


  1. Congratulations, Scott! And for those people who tell you it’s harder having two…. IT’S ALL TRUE!!!

  2. Dave –

    Thanks for the encouraging words…..

    My mom was telling my wife how I was such a good, easy-going child and how much more difficult my younger sister was. Hopefully my second child is at least half as good as my first…

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    Now *you* should go to the doctor/public health facility and get shots for MMR (mumps/rubella has made some news recently in MKE). And keep your first kid’s shots up to date too. Your better half cannot have fever, shots or any such till the second kid comes out (IMO).

    Also time to talk to your insurance agent increasing your life insurance to 8 fold, stop working (I mean it) after 5.30 PM and learn how to cook (if not already mastered that art) for the kid *and* Kelly. LOL. After miscarriage the chance of second one is rare (I heard so). My positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

    Did you throw all the dresses your first kid outgrew? Then shop for more now 🙂

    Again congratulations. How’s the Disney vacation?

    P.S:- Your mom said you “were” any easy going kid? I think you still “are” 😉

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