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I need some suggestions for some good music that I can listen to while exercising and/or hiking, as well as while coding, so something with a good tempo.  I like rock and alternative.  Guitars are good, but I’m not really into heavy metal — I want to be able to understand the words (if there are any).  I also like some occasional electronic music, but am not very familiar with the genres to know one from the other.  While not required, I’d also like to find a new artist that I might not hear on the radio, iTunes, etc.  No rap.  No country.  I’ll give just about anything else a listen.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments or contact me.  Send links to sites/sample clips if you have them.


You know, what I really need is a place to upload a list of my music and get a suggestion based on similarity with other people’s lists.


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  1. http://

    I would suggest going to pandora.com. You can type in one of your favorite artists and then they play similar music. You can have different channels, and rate the music. I love it because it plays people you would never think of.

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