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Toys For Tots Donations

I forgot to mention it in my most recent newsletter to the WI .NET Users Group, so I wanted to post it here.

If you’re coming to the Holiday Party next week, please consider bringing a toy to be donated to Toys For Tots.  As mentioned in a previously referenced post by Dave Bost:

In the spirit of the holiday, we will be collecting toys for Toys for Tots. Bring a toy and have a chance at winning an outstanding prize (TBD). Please make sure that all toy donations are new, unwrapped toys. This allows the Toys for Tots program staff to determine that the gift is safe for distribution and to identify the appropriate age and gender for each gift.

I think this is a great opportunity for us to provide something for a child who would otherwise not receive anything for Christmas.  It’s not a requirement at all, and there is no obligation, but the opportunity to give will be there for you if you choose.



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    My name is Creshel Jones and I was writing to see if they was letting any more people sign up couse I did not get to get my kids signed up I went every day that they was letting people sign up and I got turned away every day I have 4 kids and very little money and did not get to get my kids anything this year cause of bills that need to be payed so I was really looking forward to toys for tots if someone could get back to me i would be most greatful. And If I am writing to the wrong site please let me know where to write you can eather write back at [ED: e-mail removed to prevent SPAM] Thank you very much and Happy Holidays

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