As you may or may not know, I use Telligent’s Community Server as a blog engine here, as well as for photos and forums elsewhere.  Well, they are having a Theme Extravaganza — a contest for making custom themes.  Prizes include MacBooks, XBox 360s and Amazon gift cards.

Dan Bartels, a Milwaukee area local, works for Telligent, and he contacted me the other day with this offer:

While I cannot enter the “public contest” I’d be willing to give some help to some folks to get them started, point them in the right direction, ect… So please extend this offer to anyone you see fit.

Further, we are having in “internal” contest; here is where I could use some help… I could use some PSD’s and or artwork from a community member (I will give them full credit and linkage for the design)…

If you’re interested, please contact Dan, either via his website or by e-mailing him at dbartels AT telligent DOT com.

Good luck!