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It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s time for stupid blizzards with lots of stupid snow and stupid shoveling and stupid drifts and stupid wind and stupid drivers and stupid cold wet socks because the stupid snow was deeper than the stupid tops of your stupid shoes.  Yeah it’s time for that.

That, and my birthday.  Yeah.  Another year older today.  As a former student of mathematics (B.S., Applied Math), this year is kind of “fun” because it is one of those rare it-will-only-happen-6-times-in-your-life years.  The last time it happened was when I got my drivers license and the time before that I was in third grade.  Oh, and when I say “fun” I mean that in an “I don’t get out of the house enough” sort of way.

Yes, I’m 32, or 25.  The next time my age will be a power of two is when I turn 64 (26), in 32 more years.  I can hardly wait (sigh).  That party better be huge!

Anyway, snow is stupid and so is getting older, but on the bright side, 32 is a fun number and I get to have a steak tonight for my birthday dinner. 

Unless it keeps snowing. 

Then all I have is the fun-ness of 32.

Woo hoo!  [<:o)]


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