Well, everything is starting to happen at once.  With the new house, everything should be done in time for us to move in next weekend (Labor Day weekend).  My fingers are still crossed on that one.  The house has taken a couple weeks longer than I wanted, but we are still ahead of the schedule agreed to with our builder.  So with any luck, we will be all moved in by 9/4.

Then on 9/7, we’re going to the hospital to have our baby.  You may be thinking, “Yeah, right.  This rookie parent thinks his baby is going to be born on the due date.”  Actually our due date is the following week, but for a number of reasons we are going to induce labor on the 7th.  The doctor said that may end up taking a couple days, but we’re hoping it goes quickly.  So unless, she decides to be born early, our daughter will be born on 9/7 (or 9/8).

Let’s recap: moving on 9/4, having a baby on 9/7.

Right now, it looks like the house will edge the baby out by a hair.  C’mon house!  You can do it!  Just hold on!