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Can’t Install Expression Web Designer CTP

So I downloaded the new Expression Web Designer CTP today on my work computer (new Dell, XP Pro SP2, 3+GHz PentD, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD), but can’t seem to install it.  I get the EULA prompt, then the status bar starts.  It makes it about 90% across then I get a dialog box that says “The installation of this package failed.”

I don’t see anything in the event logs either.  Anyone have any ideas?  I’ll try on my home computer later.

Obviously I’m missing something but don’t know what.




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  1. Did you save the installer to your hard drive before running it?

    The reason I ask is because I experienced the same issue with the latest Atlas installer. I clicked the link on the site and hit run and it failed. I then saved it to my hard drive and ran it from there and in installed perfectly.

  2. Yeah. I actually downloaded it twice because I thought the first time might have been corrupted. When I go thome I went to the MSFT site to download and try on that computer, but it was “experiencing difficulties” or something like that. I wonder if it was widespread problem and they were fixing it??

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