I am the president of the WI .NET Users Group, and we held our 4th annual Deeper in .NET conference on April 22, 2006 (our first since I became president last year).  The event was a great success, and people keep talking to me about wonderful they thought it was.  I’ve just posted a summary of the work that went into that, as well as our results.

Deeper in .NET 2006 was a great success with about 400 people in total attendance.  We had five incredible speakers – Michele Leroux Bustamante, Scott Hanselman, Julie Lerman, Bill Hatfield and Jason Beres (four on the Speaker’s Bureau) – and we had over $70,000 in prizes (150+ pieces) to give away!

Are you a users group leader?  Many groups are having these day-long, mutli-session events.  Why not yours?  To find out how we made ours a huge success, take a look at this article.