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More on CS 2.0

OK, so I’ve tweaked the blog skin a little (added a couple things to the side bar), and I’m getting used to it.  I also downloaded this from the CS site.  It lets me type code into my posts and it highlights it for me.  For example:

[code language=”VB.NET”]’ VB
Dim myString as String = “Hello world”[/code]

[code language=”C#”]// C#
string myString = “Hello world”;[/code]

[code language=”T-SQL”]– SQL
select ‘Hello world'[/code]

[code language=”ASP/ASP.NET”]<%’ ASP.NET %>
<asp:Label id=”Label1″ runat=”server” />[/code]

I don’t post a lot of code really, but maybe now I will… [;)]


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  1. Code highlighting!?! That’s rad!

    Dig the new layout too…

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