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I was reading Scott Guthrie’s blog post about a free CMS (content management system) written with ASP.NET 2.0.  I went to look at the site, and clicked on the link for a demo.  First sentence:

You can test and get to know the new AxCMS.net for 4 weeks completely free and without oblivion. (Emphasis added.)

Oblivion.  Funny.

Update: I checked last night (2/13/2006) and the word was corrected.


Happy Birthday Kelly!


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  1. without oblivion, but with obligation…

    Wonder how this is going to compare with DNN?

  2. http://

    DNN is something different – just a portal framework based on IBuySpy sample application and available in VB.NET only … You are managing the live application if you log in as a administrator. If you need to scale or separate servers, you have to invest in hardware or to cache almost everything… It is smaller and much easier to install, but not so powerfull…

    Afaik, AxCMS.net is enterprise class CMS with publishing process, staging system, workflows, document management etc. It is harder to install, but once you have it done, it is really powerfull.

    I don’t believe that you can compare those systems … It is great to have both free of charge at the end – DNN for small community sites and AxCMS.net for big enterprise solutions.


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